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The Repeating Story

From ancient Egypt

To Greece

To Rome

We blossomed

And then


It’s a story

That repeats

It’s a beautiful world

And then

An ice age

It’s philosophy in Greece

And the famous collapse

Of the wise

It’s current America

As we sit back

With a beer

And a smoke

And watch it all come

Crumbling down

Around us

No one gets up from their couch

To help each other out

We just

Change the channel

It’s a story

As old as time

The ego


And then


It’s a little knowledge

And all of a sudden

We think we know a thing or two

When really it’s just

The birth of a new ego

Fatally flawed

Us hairless monkeys are

Staring into the eyes of the future

With the same road

In our rear view

The lines

zip by

As time

Zips by

7.2 billion me’s and you’s

And still

No one really knows

What’s true.


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