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The Plan

I didn’t have a real plan before

But, now I do

Shall I share it with you?

I might as well

I can tell

That you’re little curious

Of what I might do . . .

It’s a horrible plan

Not a very smart one, to say the least

It’s a little crazy

And probably possible 

It’s a way to live, I suppose

A way to get by, for now

It is what I was always supposed to do

It is everything that I’ve been working for

It is my stupid unconscious manifesting a glorious purpose 


I don’t have a family

Or much debt

I don’t have a mortgage to pay

Or even a credit card

I have two shitty cars

And two particular sets of unique skills

And I used to think

That I couldn’t combine those two skills

That it would be impossible to pursue both at the same time 

That I had to choose one and let the other one die

Now I see

What I was meant to be

What I could do 

If I really wanted to 

The life I’ve always wanted

It is here

It is happening

It is who I am

I am almost ashamed that I couldn’t see it before

I can fight professionally 


I can write great books


What a horrible and perfect plan this is. 

I fucking love it.

-CH 4/11/

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