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From The Deep

Lost in music

   Stuck in a book


    Never here


   Over there


    Other than here . . .


Wandering around the maze of a story

So life doesn’t feel as boring

    Eyes glued to a screen

Like it holds everything we could ever need

   Escaping from this little life

For a moment or two

   So me and you

Can feel okay

   For the rest of the day

And as we go to sleep 

    We dream of more stories

These ones coming to us from the deep

   Giving us clues 

To what our soul wants us to do

    Deep from the unconscious 

It seems like nonsense when we are awake

    But when our eyes are closed

And we aren't really here

   The unconscious speaks from the deep

Whispering advice to us between each heartbeat

    A sneak peak 

Of what our lives could be 

   If we lived the stories that we loved

Instead of waking up

   And walking into a life

That doesn’t feel quite right 

   With shoes that have holes

And a soul that feels alone 

    We wander around town 

Hoping to be found

   Wishing to be healed

Praying to a God we aren’t sure is real 

  Asking if we could feel something real again

Like we did when we were kids

     Before everything that we did . . .

Before all the lives that we lived 

   Before the world didn’t seem so wicked 

And everything become twisted 

    Back when our dreams were just dreams

And not desperate screams

   From the deep 


    CH 4/27/24

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