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A Wish Come True

He fell madly in love with her

Too madly 

    Way too madly

She was his soul

    His home



   She was his missing piece

She was The One Piece

     She set him free

And one night

   As they were looking at the stars together 

   They saw a star streak across the sky 

    And she said to him

That she wished that she could experience just one night

   In a world-wide 


He looked at her, puzzled 

   And asked her why

And she said

   If she could look up to the night sky

Just one time

   And see this galaxy 


   Without our light pollution 

That she could die

Happy . . .

He really was mad . . .

   And he did justify his actions in the name of love . . .

And his actions were— . . .

When she got sick

    It felt like getting kicked

In the balls 

  Over and over again

To him 

It felt like a brick

Lived in his stomach

As she started to fade away

    He slipped into the melody of madness

It was a curse way worse

Than profound sadness


And on her last day

   Do you know what he did?

Well, he put on the lid

   He hacked the grid 

He made a woman's dream live

   He blacked out the world

And made an enemy out of


Just for one somebody 

  To see the galaxy

From a window 

  In a hospital 

While she lay on her bed

    She turned her head

And saw the view

   Tears rolled down her face

Because she instantly knew

   Who would be the only one mad enough

To turn off the lights of the world for her

    But seeing the stars like that . . .

It almost made it worth it

Planes fell from the sky

   Stock markets crashed 

Everything glitched for a few minutes

    So her dream could live

So she could look up to the sky

   One last time

And die


. . . And that she did.


   CH 5/13/24

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