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The Fleeting And The Fragile

I wish you were here,

Laying on my arm,

As it starts to go numb,

With your hair in my face–

Suffocating in your smell,

And your pointy elbows

Digging into my ribs,

As I run my hands

Along your naked body,

And your ass

Pushed against my cock.

The delicate little spoon

You always felt so fragile



I was afraid

That I would break you,


That you’d leave.

Even in those moments

I knew

It was all just


You cannot not expect a free spirit

To stay in bed with you forever.

I knew,

One day,

It would all end.

I just thought we’d have more time.

I thought we’d have more fragile moments.

And when it broke,

So did I.

But I’ve pieced myself together enough

To still be here

Daydreaming about being in bed with you once again.

But just like you were,

These memories are also





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