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The First Sex Tape In Hell

Be mine.

What a played out line.

Used way too many times.

And only used here,

because it rhymes.

What’s it mean though?

Words to another lady?


words that matter?

Only time will tell…

Oh well,

I’ll see my lover in hell.

I know I will,

I’ll be there waiting for her.

All the others that I love,

they’ll be above,

but she,

that one,

she won't.

She’ll find me.

She’ll haunt me.

She’ll taunt me.

and tease me.


when I’ve had enough,

she’ll please me.

And if it’s in hell,

in front of satan,

it’ll probably be hotter than normal.

She’ll probably ask him to film it for us.

The first sex tape in hell.

If satan has to see my ass,

just so I can fuck her again,

then okay,

fine by me.


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