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The End

One person’s sunrise

Is another person’s sunset

Was a realization

I’ll never forget.

Thinking about the end

Of two different points

While surfing on a cloud

Smoking joints

Sliding down a rainbow

Into the poisoned world

Down below.

‘Catching lightning

Would be frightening’

They said.

‘Well I am not afraid’,

I said.

The electron spins around nucleus

And so does

Our earth

Around the sun

Where there is death

There is also


The end is not the end

It’s where

It all begins.

Taking a shot

Of a collection of raindrops

While soaking in a volvanco

With lava that's scalding hot.

When the beat drops

Is when the party stops.

When the cops come

To take a crap

On the sun

That’s the start

Of all the real fun.

Where one point ends

Is where it all begins

Is something I’ll remember

Until the end,

And until then

I’ll wait

I’ll live

Until it all starts over



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