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The Drive To Discover


he first

explored the lands–

he left the comfort of his home,

and ventured out to the unknown.


hiking mountains,

trekking through juggles,

suffering through deserts–

just to explore and discover.

Risking lives

for exploration,

and then documenting it all–

finding new species of animals,

observing and then naming them.

We created maps of the terrain

for future explorers,

so they could venture out just a little further

and a little further,

over and over again,

until the new lands and animals became part of our story.

That sense of exploration,

that willingness to nose dive into the unknown,

even though,

the chances of death were high,

it’s something beautiful in us;

that drive to discover.

And then after the exploration of land,

we took to the seas,

where mother nature showed her fangs,

and sank attempts to explore her.

Those men that sailed the seas,

they were braver than I.

The sea is a trap,

ready to spring any time.

The winds,

they take you where they want–

completely at the mercy of mother nature's whims,

And she's a fickle bitch;

but still,

man didn’t give up.

We risked it all in order to discover

And now,

we live in the time of space exploration;

and that,

well that is incredible.

That is a grand adventure.

Think about these explorers,

who trekked through jungles,

and sailed the sea’s,

when they looked up to the stars,

on a clear night,

they never imagined we’d be able to go up there someday…

but here we are,

able to fly to space,

and plant pointless flags on the moon,

and take pictures of black-holes.

Into the infinite,

surrounded by diamonds

and balls of fire–

without gravity,

into the unknown

mapping it,

and going a little further.

It's unreal.

It’s amazing.

And we wouldn't be able to do it,

if those brave humans

hadn’t explored earth for us.

What a time to be alive,

when we have rockets to explore space,

and to potentially

become a multi planet species.

The age of Space Exploration,

the internet,

virtual reality,

and technology so advanced,

that most of us can’t get close to understanding how it works for us.

This era of the internet and technology,

it’ll come with it’s own moral and philosophical questions,

and you’ve been thrown into the middle of it

Will you explore it?


will you let it explore you?


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