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The Dom and The Sub

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

She wanted a Dom

She said

I thought that sounded fun

So I pretended to be one

To fill the role

It was interesting

Something new and exciting

Definitely for narcissist though

I made it work

I teased

I tied her up

I choked her a little

And she smiled at me

A big

Wicked smile

My cock got rock hard

I blindfolded her

I licked whip cream off of her pussy

And I slammed into her

She responded

Right before she would cum

I’d stop


Untie her

‘Stay there.

Don’t move.’

I told her

‘Nooo, don’t stop.




I ignored her pleas

I walked a few feet from the bed

She begged me to keep going

I told her no

I told her to play with herself

I watched her


Stroked my cock

She kept begging me to continue fucking her

I kept telling her no


After 5 minutes

I got back on the bed

Told her

‘Face down

Ass up’

She obeyed

‘Good girl’

I gently played with her hair before entering her

Then I grabbed a handful of hair


And pulled it

As I did

I slammed into her again

She moaned loudly

I thrusted hard 10-20 times

My balls slapping against her

Her ass was big

Big and nice

And her ass checks clapped together

It was loud

I was an animal

A savage

A conqueror

I was punishing her for all the times she had been a brat

That was the game

When she was a brat

She got disciplined


She loved it

I slowed down

Moving my hips in a circular motion

I slapped her ass


She moaned

She said

‘Yes daddy.’

I responded with


She obeyed again

'Yes daddy!’

She yelled



I was so hard

My cock was throbbing

It was hot sex

Even if it was for narcissists

I told her to cum

‘Yes sir’ she moaned

I thrusted deep into her for another 10-20 pumps

I could feel it building

The beautiful climax

The sweet release

She was building up to it too

I could feel it with the way her body was moving

Almost as if she had no control over it anymore

Its a full body shake

A shake of pleasure

A spasm

I reached around and played with her clit

I thrusted 5 more times


On the 5th thrust I cam

And she did too

She moaned loudly

I moaned louder than her

I slowly pulled out my cock

And laid down beside her

We were sweaty


Breathing heavy

It was a hot summer night

‘Holy fuck...’

She said

‘I know.’

I kissed her on the forehead

And went to sleep.

My final thoughts

Before dozing off was something like

‘I wonder why so many women like to be dominated like this?

To be fucked like an animal?

What was it psychologically they wanted?

It was a throwback to past times

And in 2021

It didn’t seem right

To be the master

The animal

The savage

To be in complete control

Why did women want it this way?’

Out loud I said ‘Fuck it, I’m not complaining’

‘What babe?’

She said

I thought about asking her what she liked about all this

I decided not to question it

It’s best not to mess with a good thing

If I started to think about this now

I’d be up for hours

I ran my fingers across her lips

Looked into her eyes

And said

‘Nothing babe.’

I rolled over

And that night

I dreamt that Princess Lea was being tied up in my bed

Gold bikini and all

‘Show me your lightsaber’ she said

I did.

And it was a good night.


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