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A Good Friend

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

This is a quick poem

I’m supposed to be meeting a lady for drinks in a few minutes

She is just a friend

But she has a fat ass

Like a really fat ass

And lately

I’ve been thinking about fucking that fat ass

Breaking the friendship barrier forever

And fucking

A good rough fuck

I don’t know if she’ll want to

We’ve been friends for 5 years

Never kissed

Never even flirted


Maybe we had

It was never intentional with my friends

I'm just charming as shit sometimes

She has no idea I’ve been thinking these thoughts

And to be fair

They are new thoughts

She is cute

And we get along

And i’ve been lonely lately

We will drink

And probably have fun

Whats a little fucking between friends?

We could be animals for a night

It could be fun

It wouldn’t be awkward after

Like it is sometimes

I bet we’d laugh

And talk

And lay there


I bet it’d be good

A good fuck

Its been months for me


Maybe one month

I have my phases

Where I fuck around


It's been awhile for me

1 month

That's a long time for me

I was masturbating more


I needed the real thing

Real flesh

Real pussy


A really real ass

She had one

I wanted it

It was easier with a stranger

But the sex was almost always better with someone I knew

I wanted her

I was about to see her

Where they night would end up

Who knew


like usual

Nothing happened.

but I still had fun.

She's a nice lady

A good friend

maybe it was best not to have sex with her

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