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Talking Without Ever Saying Anything

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The regular gossip

is so dull-

so pointless.

I don’t understand

how some people

flap their lips

and say nothing.

Over and over again,

they say nothing of substance;

nothing of value.

Just the same complaining about the world,

that they hear,

from everyone else.

Where's their sense of adventure??

Where are their brain cells??

They talk in circles,

repeating the same stories they always tell-

repeating the stories someone else told them-

repeating the headlines.

Talking puppets of their ideologies.

Tell me what someone believes in

and I’ll tell you what they are going to say.

They hate it when you point that out to them;

that they are boring-

that they're slaves to their ideologies.

Trust me,

I've tried with them.

They hate me for it.

The T.V. shows they’re watching,

the current or upcoming weather,

the holidays,

the news (corporate propaganda),

the vacations they just went on,

the sports they watch,

their faith,

its enough

to put a grown man

to sleep.


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