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Strangely Calm

Strangely calm 

In the middle of the earthquake 

  He reads his book

On a park bench

  As the world screams around him

The ground shakes

  And terrified screams travel down the busy street

He sits there


Only glancing up for the briefest of moments

   To watch the world crumble 

He smiles

  As a street light falls over

And he laughs

  As a building collapses 

He loves change

  He has been begging for it

And here it is

   A change 

It scares everyone else

   But he embraces it

He lets himself feel it

   Throwing his book to the side

He gets up and dances alone

  In the middle of the street 

To an inaudible beat

   He feels the heat

He moves his feet

   And flows with destruction

Not becoming it


Welcoming it 

   Yes, he is ready for something new

He skips along

   To his own song

And for once in his life

  He feels strong 

In the chaos

   The man stays calm 

CH 4/19/24

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