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Still Spinning

When your time is up

And the reaper comes to collect your soul

You’ll leave behind

Everything you’ve ever owned

There will be your shoes

Laying on your floor


Waiting for you to fill them with feet

Your car will be

Sitting in your driveway

With a tank halfway full of gas

And nowhere to go

The sidewalks

Will still escort the streets

As the metal people

Busily fly by

After your soul floats above the sky

And your house

Will still be a house

After you’ve passed

But the walls

Will never hear your voice again

The floor won’t creak to your steps

As you search for a midnight snack

Your lawn will continue to grow

Without you there

To give it’s weekly haircut

The sun will rise

The mountains will stand tall

The stars will sparkle in the sky

Whether you’re dead

Or alive

Everything you own

Will still be here

On this earth

After the reaper

Has come to collect your soul

He knows what is of value

And that is


And your soul

The man inside the home

The woman inside the shoes

The child in the car seat

These are the treasures

That the reaper will keep

And everything else

Will keep spinning.


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