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Someone To Root For

Someone to take dancing lessons with.

Someone to make a playlist for.

Someone to cook with.

Someone to go on road-trips with.

Someone to stay in with on a rainy day.

Someone to spend the holidays with.

Someone to root for.

Someone to love.

It sounds nice,

Having someone.

Someone to go grocery shopping with.

Someone to walk my dog with.

Someone who has dreams to encourage

And passions to ignite.

Someone to sing too.

This life can be rough,

And someone

To spend it with,

On a gray day,

It sounds

Like something

I’d like to try;

Maybe not today,


Some day…

Someone to drink coffee with,

While laying in bed,

Reading books.

Someone to go ice-skating with.


I think I’d like to try this way of living out for awhile;

But it must find me,

As much as I

Find it.

So I will not force it,

Or let it pass me by.

I will flow,

And hope

I find someone to

Soak in a tub with,

While drinking wine

And listening to music;

Sneaking in kisses.

As we hide from the eyes

Stuck in the faces

Of the bitter souls-

Souls like mine-

Souls that haven’t found their someone yet.

She might not even be real…

But something tells me

She is out there

Waiting for her someone.


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