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Some Days

Some days are just bong water trash

While other days

Are magic

Trapped inside

The human experience

Some days are dull and repetitive

While other days

Are memories

That’ll stay with us

Until our hearts stop pumping

Some days are dog shit on your shoe

That you get on your new carpet

While other days

Are lived from a different view

One where you and a few

Laugh the noise away

And the pain


And it feels like

Living a life again

Some days are sink full of dishes

And expired food in the fridge

That you take a bite of

And then spit out

In your sink full of rank

While other days

Are the days you meet your missing half

Some days are dying dogs

And painful divorces

With 3 kids

Who never saw it coming

While other days

Are full of your middle child

6 years old

At a family reunion

Full of family he is meeting for the first time in his life

Getting on stage

And telling joke after joke

And killing it

Some days are just so shit

You don’t know

How you’ll go on

With a heart the feels like 2 tons of led

But other days

You’ll step

And the weight in your chest

Won’t feel as heavy

And you’ll step again

And all of a sudden

You’re moving

Some days are the days for the coward to win

The lesser version

The petty one

While others

Courage and kindness

Puts a smile

On your face

Some days you don’t have anything to write about

And you force it out

Like a shit

That wasn’t quite done cooking

And your wipe

Is a mess

All the toilet paper in the world

Won’t make you clean again

While other days

It flows out

And you have no idea

Where it’s really coming from

Some days are natural disasters

While other days

You can sing along to love songs

And it feels


The highs and lows

Of being

Are what make this damn life

So interesting

The forever mysteries

Of existing

Are persisting

In this era of the individual ego

And will exist

I imagine

In all the era’s that will follow.


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