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Smoking Star Dust Probably Is Cannibalism

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

I had a dream

That I was riding a silver fox

Into a meadow

Where a dark blue pond

Came out of the ground

Right in the middle of it

Like the pupil of an eye

Not a ripple was moving in the blue water

A stillness was in the air

A calming of nature

The silver fox stopped in front of the pond

I dismounted

And thanked him for the ride

He told me he was my spirit guide

And he’ll be there whenever I needed him

I bowed to him

And faced the pond

I walked on the water without hesitating

And sat down in the middle of the pupil

I started to meditate

And soon

I floated up above the pond

Slowly ascending upwards with each breath I took

I looked down

And saw the eye from above….

From up there

It looked sad

A tear started to leak from it

It broke my heart

The earth was in pain

And I could see it

She was crying to me

Asking me for help…

I didn’t know what to do…

I kept floating further and further away from her

Up past the clouds

Past the moon

He looked a bit insane to me

But I guess that’s how he’s alway been

So I didn’t stop and say hi

I floated past the sun

A nice tan spread over my skin

I closed my eyes

As I flew by

I breathed in the stars

And exhaled star dust

‘Is this cannibalism?’

I asked myself

Then it hit me

It was a crazy high

And my spirit traveled on a light particle

to a different time

A time before the earth cried

And man stood upright

Before we cut down all the trees

And tilled all the soil

Before the wars were fought

And earth was trampled in the name of man’s greatness

Before the bombs were dropped

And the factories poisoned the air

What a beautiful time it was

I looked down

And I could see it

The meadow

And the pond

I floated down to it

But in this time

In the middle of it

There was a heart resting on a log

I reached down

And picked it up

It was beating in my hand

I felt it pulsing






I took out my knife

And cut an opening in my chest

taking out my human heart

I sat it on the log

And then I took the heart of the earth

And put it in my chest

I zipped up the hole

And smiled

The earth’s heart during this time was full of love and joy

And I couldn’t help it…

I had to dance.


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