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Sick In The Head

That gun did so much

19 young kids


Just like that

That elementary school

Those families

That throwback State

What a zoo…

It leaves you sick to your stomach

But what makes a storm in my belly

Is how fast

The deaths

Of these elementary school kids

Got politized.

Gun control

Left vs right

Blue vs red


until we’re dead

And if you try

To make this about abortion

You must be sick in the head

The children

Those kids

Gone like last years tulips

And you want to make it about you???

Fuck off

You want to make it about YOUR feelings?

Get fucked

Kick rocks

And choke on your tongue.

It had nothing to do with you

Or politics

Or women's rights

You must be sick

You must be delusional

To think that it does

All you have to do

Is take some time

And recognize

kids were murdered

Donate to the families

Shed a tear for the young ones


It can all end in an instant

And cherish the ones you love while they're here

There are sick and evil people in this world

It’s a tragedy

And one that got exploited so quickly

I swear

I remember a time

When we used to come together

after a tragedy…

Taking to the internet

To make it about something else

That is despicable

It is not about me

And it’s not about you

Look inside

And you know it’s true


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