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Shake Yourself

Take yourself


Shake yourself

Loose of all you know.

Forget it all

Let it fall down to the ground

Like the snow

And then

Grab a cup of coffee

Or tea

And watch it melt.

Break yourself from the things you felt

When you were attached to your ideas of the world.

An empty head

Attached to your shoulders

Before you’re dead

And then

Fill it back up


So slowly

Questioning everything you hear

Fighting off any idea

That gets near.

Don’t let them stick

Let them sink

And when you are on the brink

That’s when the light brings

A seed

For you to plant in that hollowed out head of yours.

It’s a slow grow

That never stops

And letting those seeds die

Will haunt you.

So be mindful

Of the ideas that you choose to water

And always be ready

To lose them again.

CH 11/1/23

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