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Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano

Was too small to be a heavyweight


That's what everyone told him

His arms were too small

He started boxing too late

He couldn't do it

He wouldn’t do it

The guy was a boulder

Rolling down a hill

And at the bottom

Was the man in the ring with him

If you were in his way

He’d steam roll you

He wasn’t flashy

He didn’t dance

He didn’t showboat

He just went forward

And threw bombs

Until the man in front of him folded like a lawn chair

He took all the bombs that landed on him

And popped up like a man possessed

His conditioning

It was unmatched

As the fight went on

He got better

Those six month training camps

Where he pushed himself to his limits

They kept him thriving in the ring

Against men who should’ve beat him.

It’s crazy to think

That the best heavyweight boxer of all time

Was great because of his will

And work ethic

And that no one gave him a chance


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