Right There With You

Listen here you

Whomever you are

I see you

I do

Your eyes dart back and forth

And you doubt that I’m truly seeing you

But I do

I see you there

With your forehead wrinkled

And your squinting eyes

I can see the wheels ticking

Up there, between your ears

As you follow along

With the words from a tragic comedian

The poet


Your along the ride of one of his whims

This man

This poet

He’s not supposed to make it out there

In the real world

He’s not supposed to have your attention

He’s not supposed to be seeing you

But look at him

He’s there

Right there with you

He’s bound to let you down

They always do

But this jester

This man who loves his own words so much

He feels the need to share them with you

He’ll let you down

They always do

We all hold other people to a higher standard

Then we do

For our own selves

And the artist gets bled dry

By us

The consumers

What a life this is

What a horrible whim

It’s always so sad with this guy

I know!

It’s always depressing

And critical of us!

He’s harsh on America

And he sprinkles in sex and drugs

Just for spice

He reads few books

And learns a little

And look at him

Acting all smart

What a fool!

He really is a tragic comedian!

His writing will get him nowhere

His ‘fighting’ never panned out

He doesn’t trust women

He’s grammar is atrocious

But you know what

He does have a soul

And he does bare it for us to see

This dim light


Raging against the darkness

He does try…

But still

A hopeless fool!


Right there with you

Not just seeing you

But reading your mind!

What a genius

What a fool!

We are hardly ever as clever as we think we are

But you!

You must think for yourself!

Don’t let a harsh critic

Of an extremely attractive poet

Tell you what to think about me.


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