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Razor Blades

Meeting him

Was like meeting myself


He was better

He was nicer than I am

His energy was gentle

While they say mine is


He was making her dinner

While I

Made sure our dogs didn’t fight

Which they ended up

Doing anyways

He cooked ‘veggie slop’

And it turned out to be

Fucking delicous

I related to him

In so many ways

It was


When she would say something out of pocket

Or hilarious

Him and I

Would laugh

At the same time

In the same type of way

It eats the soul

These choices

That I’ve been choosing lately

They eat it

And somehow

Something new


Like it is

Being born

A new soul

It’s needed

To survive this

It just needs

Some time

To stew

To grow

To develop


Until then

It’s razor blades in this house.


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