Pigs At A Trough

Our strings are being pulled

Our enemies have been artificially created

Products of politics

and the cooperate press

The game of nations

The desire for power

Limited resources

While the consumer’s rip each other apart

so they can consume these resources

as fast as they can

Pigs at a trough

That’s the way of the west

So what do we do?

We go to war

We despise our neighbor for who they voted for

without ever talking to them about it.

The ego won’t let us hear them

The damn ego leaves us deaf

and it’s the father of ignorance

Ego and ignorance

Only the humble man can truly learn

The man that is not so attached to what he believes to be true

The man that can let go

and admit he was wrong

The man who stays open

to always having his mind changed

Where are these men?


they are who we must become

if we have any hope

in bettering this world

If we want to shift the trajectory

we must be better men

Thirsty for knowledge,

but humble,

always humble.


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