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Philosophy Soaked In Technology

There’s a balance to this thing,


Fire and water

Light and dark

Death and life

Good and Evil

Positive and negative charges

Attraction and repulsion

Man and woman

There’s a symmetry to this thing, existence

In order to be great at something

We have to sacrifice

There’s almost always an exchange of energy

We are holistic beings a

Energy cannot be created or destroyed right?

It just changes state.

In its own way

Everything is balanced, symmetrical and energetic

When people say everything happens for a reason

Maybe this is what they mean

When people talk about Karma

Maybe this is what they mean

When people talk about God

Maybe this is what they mean.

And is this god?

Or is it just the way our universe is?

The one haunting question

The real terrifying one these days is,

Is this a simulation?

It used to be,

‘Did we create god in our image or did god create us in his’,


The question that sinks in your stomach,

The question of the future,

The question some might not understand yet,

‘Did we create technology


did technology create us?’

I was born around the same time the internet was,

seems suspicious

The internet and the sudden technology boom

The fusion of man and machine

The virtual realities

Crypto currency

Wherever tech will take us

It’s hard to see that far into the future

There are too many variable

But i have a inclining

That the philosophical questions of the future

Will be soaked in technologically.


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