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Numb Little Bug

She’s a numb little bug

I just want to give her a little hug

But the heart is tugged

Two different ways

I have to protect myself

I have to stay sane

She’s ice

And simply being nice

Won’t melt her

But when I felt her

I shivered

And I am just not brave enough

To willingly head into the arms of winter

She is just a sinner

And I am too

I am not tough enough

To love rough

My fears are my crutch

It’s the only way I walk these streets

When every heartbeat


Maybe loving her

Was a mistake

Maybe letting her go

Is a mistake

Maybe she is my fate

If she was at the bottom of a lake

I’d drown

Just to see her face

Before it’s too late

Everything I create

Is her

And somewhere along the way

The vision got blurred

My sleep got disturbed

With dreams of her

And waiting never

Turned into waiting forever

This numb little bug

Was molded down below

But sent from above

With a chest full of love

I hold my breath

And wait for her

The numb little bug

Who crawled in my head

Through my ears

Where she eats on my fears

And thrives in the mind of a coward

Who only ever learns his lessons



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