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Nostalgic Waves From The Future

He fell in love

He wrote books

He got money

He lived

He did

He made it all happen

With his words

And with


He manifested a life

And it came to be


One day

He woke up from a dream

And remembered the man

He used to be

The man right before

All of his successes

That guy’s life

Was a complete mess


He had something

In his chest

That made him different

Then the rest

He had a dream

A living and breathing dream

A dream so big

That most thought it was impossible

They thought his dreams were


Yet still



Then the seed

Started to grow

And he got thrown

Into a new game

One with money and fame

And that guy that he used to be

Forever changed

He adapted and grew

He had too

That’s what living things do

He fell in love

He wrote books

He got money

He lived

And he envied

The man

That he used to be.


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