Mythology Rhymes, History Repeats, And Clinturcas Rhymes With Icarus (not really)

When you’re boxing another man

And you drop your hands down to your knees

And stick out your jaw

And beg them to try to hit you

And when they get all frozen and flustered

And then try really hard to hit you

And you just casually slide out of the way

Making them hit air

And then the next big punch immediately follows

And you just nonchalantly pull your chin back

As they miss it by millimetres


In the blink of an eye

You land a clean counter

they never see coming

But you keep your hand loose in your glove

And instead of knocking them out

You just lightly kiss their jaw with your fist

And then when you glide back out of range

And you look into their eyes

Without the slightest bit of fear

And you know the way your moving also shows no fear

And everything in their eyes

And in their movements

are completely lost


there's no better feeling than that.

Something about that feels like freedom to me.

The freedom to express myself

in a dance of violence and problem solving.

The freedom to be calm in the chaos and to somehow

make art

out of


The freedom to fly.

And yes,

my story will probably end like Icarus does.

But until then,

I’m going to enjoy soaring through the sky.


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