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My Forecasts

Mercury is out of Gatorade

And the sun floats in the sky

The moon stays crazy

And the stars are still little diamonds in the infinite blackness

But the Leo's have flown over the moon

And the water demons

Predict bad breath for the next month

Our earth sign is poisoned

Mans gift to her

The Aquarius women are wet

And the Scorpio's are deep and horny

You can’t lie to them

They’ve already figured you out

It’s rain all fall

The hippogriff saw his shadow

The Gemini’s will develop a third, and even a fourth


All while

The Libra scale

Tilts towards the heavier side of life

But once mercury

Replenishes her thirst

And drinks some more Gatorade

Things will go back to normal

Until they don’t


When Mars is out of candy bars

The air is coughing up smog

And fires rage in the state of Oregon

Someone get mercury her damn Gatorade!!


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