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Love Isn't Perfection

Love isn’t simple

It isn’t easy

It isn’t peace

It won’t just find us

And everything after that will be great


Love is dangerous

Love is poison

Love is screaming matches and sex

It is chaos and peace

It is the complexity of the human experience

It is


And trust

And vulnerability

It is hard

It is work

It is suffering

It is everything

Everything good and bad

Love is illuminating

And blinding

It is a paradox

It is a slave

And a master

It is punishment and reward

It’s easy to be romantic

It’s easy to be delusional

But being practically romantic

That is the trick

The movie star shared his parents story with me

“Divorced twice and married three times! Divorced twice and married three times! My parents! Can you believe it??”

He declared it with such pride.

Then he explained why.

Love is messy

Love is dangerous

Love is poison

But in Love

Lies the potential


Infinite beauty

Nothing is perfect

We aren’t

And our love certainly isn’t

Nothing is perfect.

Love should be messy

It should be dangerous

It should be poison


Nothing in this world

Is perfect

And we have to struggle for it

To make it worth it.

So please remember,

No relationship is perfect

Nothing is

And the beauty

In each other

Lives in our flaws, too

And how we help each other grow together.

"Married three times and divorced twice!"

Yeah, Mathew, I heard you the first time.


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