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Lost In The Maze

I’m risking it all

For this fall

Head over heels

Shoes on wheels

Just to find you again

In this maze

Where I lost myself

The forever search




Not for a way out

But for her

The fall

And I’d do it all

A million times

If it means

Her and I

Get more time

To wander together

The maze walls lift

And instead

It becomes a journey

Two souls

Walking side by side

Going places

But knowing

They’ll never arrive

When together is home

We'll never be alone

Except for

When we are


I’d risk it all

For this fall

A million times

In an infinite amount of ways

Just so I can sleep at night

Knowing I gave it my all

So I walk

And wander

And explore

And listen

There’s secrets in this maze

It whispers the way

“Turn right.”

“Turn left.”

“Explore every inch

Until there is nothing left.”

“Then you’ll find her

At the end of your dreams

Where the sunrises

And the mountain’s peak.”

“Find her

Seek your peace.”

It whispers

Never shouts

But the echos

Live in the skull


And if I never

Find her again

I still have to go on




Lost in this maze.


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