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Learning To Let Go

The little blonde boy

Used to be full of joy

The world

Was his toy

He could play

And dream

All day

Every day

All of the things

He imagined his life would be

Made him so


But as the days zipped by

Like the lines on the highway

Life didn’t go as planned

And he started to get high

The dreams

And schemes

He imagined

He’d achieve

Never blossomed

And holding onto them so furiously

Coast him


He demanded perfection

And as a result

He never met his own expectation

And it seemed like

There was

No escaping

He made his bed

And now he has to lay in it

But it was tough to sleep

When all his crushed dreams

Float around in his head

And his heart

Feels like led

So he’d stay up all night

Tossing and turning

To stubborn

To let go

Of his fading dreams

He couldn't see

Passed his reality


The little blonde boy

Who used to be so full of joy

Has tortured eyes

Where his dreams slowly die

His neck hurts

From trying to hold his head up


For some reason

He still hasn’t given up

He is trying

To adapt

To survive

And get out of his own head

And all of the lies


He still

Has reasons

To try

He realized

That just because a dream dies

Doesn’t mean

That he needs to too

He realized he could chose

To dream again.


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