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Knowing Isn't Enough

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Do what you love to do

That’s what they say

Don’t they?

Be passionate about your work

That’s what we preach

Don’t we?

In order not to waste time

I have to attempt to chase my dreams while I am alive

I know this

Don’t I?

So why

Oh why

Do so many of us



Oh why

Do we get stuck in jobs

That we don’t really care about

Why do we keep relationships that poison us?


Oh why

Do some people

Hardly try?

At anything?

At any meaning?

While time passes by…

Why do we know what to do


Don’t do it?

What is it that is pulling us away?

The system

They’ll say



But some find a way

Don’t they?

A few do

While the rest of us

Take the bus

To a place we hate

To pay the bills

And it feels

Like there is no escape

And the kicker is

The ones who love what they do

And get praise for it

They don’t seem content

They don’t seem to like it

They still complain about their lives

So what's the point

Of making it?

I had a point for this one

Oh yeah

We are supposed to embody the philosophies we believe

But apparently

It isn't as easy as it seems.


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