Kicking Down The Door

Updated: May 11

I have no place to judge the morals of others.

I cannot honestly look man in the eye

and judge him.

I cannot preach to him about morals,

what folly that would be.

What lies.

What hypocrisy.

I have no business here,

I am no philosopher.


not yet…

But I think soon,

I’ll kick the doors down,

and crash the party,

like only I can.

But first,

must I live by the same moral standards I hold man to?

Well that is no fun.

What a boring life.

You live it,

and I’ll live however I want.

The art is better in the chaos

Let me stumble around in it.

Let me find my own way.

And if I tell you how to live sometimes,

eat it ,

and don’t think too hard about the chef

or the kitchen.


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