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Just An Ant


Just maybe


And only collectively

Do we have something like intelligence

It becomes important to remember

That you and I

As individuals

Know almost nothing

We must constantly remind ourselves this

And constantly contribute and appreciate

The collective

For that is where we are formidable beings

The single ant

Can be stepped on

And forgotten


But the colony

Can create whole worlds for themselves

And maybe every living thing on this planet

Should be considered part of

Our collective intelligence

From the ant to

To the scientist

Because do we not learn and grow

From studying all forms of life here?


All others

And all living things on this planet




Well I actually don’t know what we makeup

But it sure is something, isn’t it?

Something a little more than just intelligent life here.

Maybe saying it like that doesn’t include all the ignorant life on here?

And what makes it beautiful

Is we only get less ignorant

By learning from all of life.


This is all just bullshit from a guy who is writing from his couch during the super bowl?

But what is bullshit

And what is knowledge

Isn’t so clear for the individual know, is it?

So try your best


Don’t trust me.


I am just




Whose also

A part of the collective.


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