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Transforming suffering

Into art

Is the job

Of the writer

The painter

The musician

The actor

The fighter

The human being

And there is something about this process

That is our power

It is our gift

It’s more than just the material

It’s something about being human

A slight reveal

of the potential

of what the spirit is capable of

We take our truama’s

And we turn them into something anew

For you

So you can relate

And understand

That you are not alone in your suffering

The sad truth of life

Is that we are all suffering in some way

But feeling

That we aren’t alone

It’s a hug in the tornado of loneliness and broken hearts

You are not alone

You have me

And everyone else

To help you along

I’ll do my best

To be there for you

As long as I can

But remember

These artist aren’t Gods

We are just like you

We suffer gravely

And too often

We call upon our past suffering

In order to pull something out of it

We relive it

We feel it again

Just to create

So if you need a hug


Subscribe above


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