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If Romeo Had Lived

The real struggle lies in the affairs of the heart

That's where it gets harder

to get back up time and time again

I can take a punch to the face

much easier

then a punch to the heart

The body heals so much easier

then the soul does

I can take a physical beating all day

I can push the boulder up the hill Mr. Camus

I really can!

but when it comes to the heart…

How Mr. Camus??

How do you rebound from those wounds??

How do you keep trying to fall in love??

I don’t see it in your books Mr. Dostoevsky!

My good sir Billy Shakespeare,

what would Romeo have done

if he had lived,

and Juliet

had still died??

What then William??

I can lose a fight

I can lose a job

I can struggle with money

and I can keep fighting

But when it come to affairs of the heart,

I am the biggest coward.

I eat my weight

in edible marijuana,

drink a few drinks,

and curl up in a ball in bed,

and just lay there,

staring at the walls,

waiting for the relief of sleep

Who can teach me how to be brave in these moments?


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