If I Died Tomorrow

If these are the last words that I’ll ever write,

then I’d like to leave you with something like this

I’m sorry

I should’ve been more

I should’ve loved deeper

I should’ve taken more risk


It doesn’t feel like it is me who I let down

But you,

And everyone else.

I could’ve been more

So don’t be like me

Learn from me

Become something

Don’t take your time on this earth for granted

Become more


And shed your skins

Discover who you are

And learn to love others

They need you

And you need them

This is life is a shared experience

So share it

Believe in yourself


Believe in everyone else

We are magic if we believe we are

Meaning can be found,

we just have to look for it

But be careful what you believe in,

it’ll shape how you see reality

Choose wisely

There are many ways to live

And many ways to die

Just make sure

That before you die

That you live first

It is your life

Grab hold of it

And sail your ship

With the winds of the world

In your sails

Sail on

Take on the storms

Overcome your fears

And believe.


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