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I Hate To Think That

I hate to think

that there are 9.2 billion different ways

to perceive the same event.

9.2 billion

slightly different realities

all going on simultaneously

on this spinning rock of ours.

I recently heard a world renown evolutionary biologists

Say that there is no way we would’ve evolved to see anything like an objective reality

He says we’d evolve to see whatever reality we needed to in order to survive

Evolving to perceive a reality we need

And not the one we have

Creating time and space

And all of the other structures of the world we play in

Just so we could adapt to survive

That’d be a trip

Adapting to a reality that is also adapting to us?

Is that what it means?

If we are evolving in all sorts of ways

And one of those ways

Is how we perceive reality,

Is it our perception that is changing

or reality?

This is one I will need to put at least three days

Of thinking into

Probably while in the shower,

Or in traffic…


I just need to scroll up

And reread my first two lines

To figure it out

I just hate to think that though…

Now I’ll need something new

to play with

while driving to work tomorrow



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