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Hollywood Cows

Hollywood is sinking

And watching it go down

Is a sad delight of mine

I think it’s capitalism

Producers just throw money at writers

And they give them a deadline of yesterday

So these writers

They have to sell tickets

They have to earn their worth–

With short time

And being very aware of the audience

These shitty movies and tv shows

Are pumped out of them

I can’t help but think of cows

And how they are treated here in America

Constantly pumped for milk

By the millions

In tiny stalls

With their babes taken away from them

I can hear their screams,

can you?


Are the new cows

Consumers and producers

Are pumping them dry

It is about quantity

Not quality

In this era of constant stimulation

These writers are pumping their legs

With their heads barely above water

Trying to stay afloat

But the ship sinks

The milk has run dry

And now we are fed the same stories

Over and over again

Let it sink

And the next generation of writers

Can take it over

Maybe they

Will have better luck


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