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Hitler Combed His Mustache

Hitler put his pants on

one leg at a time

He had headaches

and bad nights of sleep

He cared about the environment

before most people did

He probably combed his mustache

and drank tea

The idea that he was so different

then you and I

is something most people have to do hold into in their minds

They can’t imagine him as a human,

with logic and feelings

They like to call him crazy

and that’s where they stop

Like so many of us

he was just the victim

of an ideology, power and praise;

and truthfully,

I think that this is an easy trap,

that too many of us

can fall


I am not defending the man

I’m just pointing out

that none of us are perfect.

And it's easy

for the average man

to think

that he is on the right side of history;

and even easier to think

that what he believes in

is right.


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