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History Is An Optical Illusion

These heroes we have,

don’t look too closely at them–

if you do,

you’ll see villains.


it paints a romantic picture,

but stare at that picture long enough

and you realize

it’s an optical illusion.

We build these narratives around these people,

that they were more than they were.

I suppose it inspires hope in children,

but as we grow up,

we see the illusions,

the lies,

the exaggerations,

and the propaganda.

She’s a tricky bitch,

this history.

We judge one side,

and make the other side false idols.

Our culture likes to change the stories–

make them fit in,

make them digestible ,

but really,

they just end up being romanticized lies

So good luck

pulling the weeds.

This garden here is full of fake flowers

and so many weeds to sort through.

So if you do find am untarnished blossom,

cherish it,

you might never find another.


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