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Free Booze

There's nothing wrong

With wanting to be alone at a bar

With nice air conditioning

And a good vibe

On a hot summer night

Surrounded by the crowd

But still

Isolated in my own little world

With my little words

And stories

With my headphones in

And the acoustic guitar

Canceling out the chatter

From the crowd

They give away

Free drinks in this town

On the first Friday of every month

The little shops

And art galleries

Entice the public

With alcohol


Herds of rich white people

With their spoiled kids

Drink and buy shit

So the crowd is mighty around here tonight

Like a tidal wave

Or a storm

Get in there way

And they will make some passive aggressive comment about it

That mighty crowd

I’ll admit

I’ve walked with them

I mean

Free drinks


Who wouldn’t?

But tonight

I sit inside an empty dive bar

As the drunk consumers pass by the dark windows

They look happy

With their bellies full of booze

And their new shit


I know

The happiness from booze

And new stuff

Will only live through the night

When she comes up from her slumber

And the new light from the next day

Hits their skin

Their heads will hurt

Their eyes will sting

And they’ll place their new shit

Next to older shit

And it really won’t matter at all

That’s why

I stay in this cool bar

And create something

That’ll last

Until the last eyes

Gaze upon these words

I live

And when my name

Is buried underground

Along with me

And no one

Speaks it anymore

I’ll fade

Like their happiness did

But at least mine

Will last


Then a drunk night

The happiness from creating

Lasts way longer

Then the happiness

From consuming


At least

I am hoping that's true...

And now that I’ve created

And had my alone time

I’ll go drink with the herd

After all

It is




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