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Empty Me Out

Every religion

For every sin

Any philosophy

To justify

Any kind of life

Any political system

For whatever way they want the people living

Any job

For the slaves of labor

Who sell their souls

To keep the wheels


Everyone sinning

Everyone wants the beginning

Never the ending

Every screen

With a model on it

An ideal

For little boys and girls

To dream to be

Crushed dreams

From the start

Unrealistic expectations

For ourselves and everyone else

Leaves us feeling


Empty me out


And build me up again

With everything that actually makes

Life worth living

Not this shit

That’s shoved down our throats

Since birth

Our curse

To carry

An adaption to the time and place we were born into

Thrown into the storm

And man

It’s ugly out there

So it has to be the same

About the man in here

So much fear

So much propaganda

So many lies

So many layers

To dig through

To get to the part of me

That feels



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