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Dialogue (Part 2)

Updated: Feb 5

“What is one thing you couldn’t live without?”


“That’s not what I mean.”

“Oh… Eating!”

“I don’t mean things you actually need to survive. Most people say something like music, or coffee, or books. Do you follow?”

“You mean music wouldn’t exist? Or books?”

“Yes, choose one thing you couldn’t live without. Just one.”


“Well what?”

“I’d just make music.”

“What? That’s not the point–

–And I’d just write books.”

“No, you’re not understanding the thought experiment. It’s–

–I’d make the music I wanted to hear and write the books I wanted to read. Life might not be as enjoyable as it is now, but I think I'd survive.”

“Is there anything in life that you couldn’t live without that you can’t make?”

“I don’t know… Is there?”

“Damnit Chester! You’ve ruined this thought experime–

–Other people! I couldn’t live without other people, and I cannot create them. That’s the only thing I can think of… Is that right?”

“There isn’t supposed to be a ‘right’ answer to this, but… you might be… you might be right.”

“How cool. What do I win?”

“I think wisdom…”

“Lame. Can I get breakfast?”

“Sure man.”

“Yay. You're buying?"


"Sweet! I don't think I could live without breakfast either."


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