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Clown Mask

My greatest trick

Is seeming more intelligent

Then I actually am

I am the great trickster

‘But if you can trick them…

Aren’t you smarter than them?’

Just a jest!

Just a jest!

Just a test!

Just a test!

The wise man

Never admits he is wise

If he does

Then in the moment that he admits it

He is obviously naive

That’s why

The arrogant wear

Clown masks

And tell jokes

In discret hope

That they can nudge the world in a better direction

Without anyone noticing what they are up to

It’s the fools mission

It’s the great con

The big trick

It’s a tragic comedy

When you have to trick the masses

Into doing what’s ‘right’

‘The big trick

From an arrogant prick

Who’s probably wrong'

'He just likes to sit back

And stir the pot

As society continues to rot’

‘What good is it to stir the great melting pot?’







‘Throwing stones of chaos into the still waters of order

From my bedroom

Is just




And pretending to be more intelligent than I am

Is just

My clown masks.


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