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Chilling On A Light Particle

These words travel through time.

Read them 50 years from now

and they’ll be the same.


and also,

I wrote them

while sitting

on a light particle

traveling through space and time.

I had a joint between my lips and a drink in my hand.

My hat was pulled down to cover my eyes,

and the stars whooshed by in a blur of silver.

Where or when I’ll be

when you read this,

I have no idea.

I’ll be there and here.

I’ll be then, now and back then.

These words,

They’ll outlive you and me.

They’ll exist somewhere.

Maybe not my words, but the words of a good writer will take you places;

you’ll teleport to where their story is set.

These words,

they’re magic;

and they’re immortal.

When I am underground,

they’ll be floating above

with the living souls.

They’ll join me soon


the words will keep traveling through time and space.

As I travel through time and space on my light particle,

sitting with my legs crossed,

I puff on my joint.

I blow O’s and watch them float through a blackhole above me.

I wonder where that blackhole will take them…

I rip out a paper from my notebook,

write down these words,

fold it into an airplane,

and throw it into the blackhole.

It glides perfectly into the middle of it.


(This is when you get hit between the eyes with this ‘poem’.)

This ain’t a bad place to write,

the views are nice,

the time travel and teleportation is cool,

and riding a on a light particle

feels like riding on a wave,

but I miss my bar.


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