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Caged Birds

I had a story I was going to write

About a man

Who broke into a zoo

And free’d all the caged birds

In his mind

A caged bird is the saddest sight to see

And that man

Would be the man

That I wanted to be

But instead

Of actually doing it

I wanted to write about it

Writers are always a little bit of cowards you see

That's why they write about what they want to do

Instead of actually doing it

But as I sit here

A woman

Gets up

And starts to dance to the band playing

And her tits bounce around in her sweater

It’s beautiful

And in the moment

I am grateful

That I am spending the night here

And not

In jail

With free birds flying in the dark sky

This view

Is just

As good

A soul

That has to dance to music on impulse

I imagine

Is very similar

To a bird that has to fly in the sky

As I watch her tits bounce

I notice her arms moving up and down to the music

Almost as if

She is trying to fly away

I toast to God

And thank him

For the fact

That this lady

Isn’t wearing a bra


I ask him

To give her wings

A Few minutes later

And a man

Goes up

And tries to dance with her

He pressures her

And it’s ugly

Like throwing paint on poetry

She tries to brush him off

And dance alone

But he is the type of man

That tries to cage a free bird

Instead of

Letting her fly

She finally has enough

And storms out

It really is

One of the saddest sights to see…


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