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Burnt By Cold Fire

Burnt by cold fire

from a witch who steals hearts

She sinks her nails in

and claws out the beating love

Her fangs reflect the pale moon,

as she devours another soul

Blood drips down her chin,

and onto mother nature's face

A pool of blood,

like the pupil of the all seeing eye

She steps on it with her black boots

and howls at the moon


to a crisp

by her cold fire

Alive no longer,

but something stirring,

something stronger…

I have fangs too,

you damn witch,

and I am a man

with a black hole for a soul–

thanks to you

I’m a dangerous beast

A coward ready to be unleashed

A hyena backed into a corner

A scorpion behind bedroom eyes

A weaver of stories and lies

and I hardly try.

There’s no end to the pettiness of a soulless,




The Scorpion vs The Witch,

what a fight we could have.

We could sell tickets

and give the masses

another distraction

to distract them

from their distractions

They love a good fight,


one with love,


and a cold fire.

They’ll scream and cheer,

as we rip each other apart.


after we’ve gotten in our licks,

and let the madness of the crowd rage,

we’ll piece each other



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