Blue Freckles

Blue freckles

Green eyes

Short red hair

with a yellow bandanna holding her hair back

She smiled at me

and I saw her fangs.

She was dressed like a 70’s disco dancer,

and she was slinging drinks like she had been chugging them all day.

I didn’t know her

but I wanted to.

I ordered a beer and watched her.

She was majestic,

A mythical creature,

something from a Greek tale–

a siren maybe.

I sat back and drank my beers.

She started to dance to a punk rock song I didn’t know.

I smirked at her and as my luck would have it,

she looked right at me.

The mythical woman danced my way.

I raised an eyebrow as she approached.

She really knew how to move her hips.

I was in a trance,

a combination of the booze and her.

She sat on my lap

and whispered in my ear,

‘Let’s go to Saturn baby.’

She licked my neck but I pulled away,

raised an eyebrow,

and asked, ‘You driving?’

She giggled and pulled her keys out of her pocket,

dangling them in my face.

I chugged my beer,

picked her up in my arms,

and carried her out of the bar.

And that kids

is how I went to Saturn.


and also,

how I met your mother.

Now go to sleep.


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