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Barely More



Sits on a beach

Soaking up the sun

Feeling the sand on their skin

Drinking a drink

Enjoying life

While you

navigate through the river of speeding cars

driving to work


I’m sure

it’ll be your turn,

and they will be the one

waiting in traffic



sits in the hospital bed

dying of cancer

Their family gathers around them

and soon

that person will take their last breath


I’m sure,

It’ll be your turn,

but right now,

you have more time to live



Is about to fall in love.

They don’t know it yet,

they will be completely blind sided

and in an instant,

their life will change forever



this will happen to you

But right now,

you’re alone in a dark room,

with a glass of whiskey dangling between your fingers



is about to become a new parent

They get to create a miracle

A small bundle of innocence and potential

will be wrapped in a soft blanket

and given to them to hold in their arms

This might be you

but you aren’t in love.

You have time

but you hardly use it

And you don’t really believe in miracles

You just

drive to your job,

work your shift,

drive home,

walk your dog,

make dinner

and watch your show.




barely more than a programmed zombie.

Just barely more.



is rooting for you to make it

and a lot of people


are counting on you to fail

They are counting on you

to remain a zombie

Grow your wings

Soak up the sun

Use your time

Fall in love

Believe in miracles

and make your life meaningful.


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