Absurd could be the word

To describe it all


But really

Who knows?

It could be beautiful

It could be unique

But then again

Some say it’s meaningless

I say

That I can’t really say

It’s just here

Upon me

This life

This world

I just popped up here one day

No say of when or where

The eyes opened

I took a breath

And I suppose I was taken care of for awhile

Its a funny thing

Not remembering your beginning

Three years old might be my earliest memories

Before then

it is unknown to me

Just stories

Just history

But it is like those three years never were to me

Somewhere along the line

I got intelligent enough to understand

That I was alive

Whatever that means

Decades later

And I still don’t know...

The childhood is blurry

Just bits and pieces remain

The further back I go

The more distorted the memories are...

I suppose that is how history works too.


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